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The Day We Saved our Friend.

The other day we went and visited Sungai Gabai which is located somewhere in Selangor. As crazy as we always are, we went and shot in the river for some better angles and view. It was then my friend, Ser who was on the upper side of the river slipped on a wet rock and slided down the wet rock like a slide.

It was so funny when the first thing our instinct told us to save is his camera instead of him. Hahaha… lucky my friend and his camera were okay in the end.

That brings up the question.. the value of a camera is greater than a human’s? LOL

By the way, I had post some photos I took that day inside here. Click to see them.

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Where’s the Manners?

We all know that kids are always playful and naughty but sometimes its just too much. If the kid is mine, for sure he will get his backside smacked and grounded for 1 whole week. Yes, I’m a meanie.


Zzzz in the Office*Snores*

Almost every afternoon around 3pm (my nap time), I will feel very very sleepy. No matter what I did to stay awake ( wash my face, stretch my body, slap my face, slap my colleague ), it does not seems to work, I will just end up “fishing” or “napping” in the end.

Sometimes I just wish I could just take a 5-10 minutes nap and not get myself fired for that. Lol..

Anyone here can teach me how to keep myself awake? or teach me where can I hide myself and take a nap ^^

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