Miao is getting Younger!!

Last Friday and Saturday, I was at Genting Highland. As I was there, I went and paid a few visits to the Casino.

As I was walking through the check point, I was asked to show my IC to the officer. At first I thought I looked like under 21 for some officers, but after I was checked for all four visits to the casino by four different officers. My colleagues came to a conclusion that I have a childish, a younger look.

I remembered last time when I visited the casino with my course mates a couple years ago, I had never asked to show my IC before but now…

Which came to two things, one I got younger over the years (maybe drawing comic had made me to have a younger heart and eventually become younger… wahahaha )


Hahaha.. what to do… I’m the youngest employeeΒ  in my company.

p/s: My colleagues are so gonna kill me for this.

Edited: My wrong my wrong.. it suppose to be under 21 not 18 ^^”



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    haha you should bring your friend at your same age…. XD

    There’s no one around my age XD hahaha

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    I was never stopped at Perth Casino, but my other friends always kena. LOL….

    Hahaha you have this mature look ma

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    hahaha..damn honest statement there..hahaha..oh well,it’s a go0d thing what pe0ple thought u’re younger than u are.tee hee πŸ™‚

    Hahaha Honest is good, no? πŸ˜›

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    I think if gals being call for check IC , we will be very happy . haha
    tat’s means we r getting younger and younger …
    always 18 ~~ wahahaha

    Hahaha yalor.. that’s what i thought too.. XD

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    i would say i honestly agree with both theory

    jian ge ge colleague.. dont kill me..

    plus killing people is cough cough illegal…

    killing a cat is also not allowed

    i report it to the PETA then

    wah sien le..
    if u go i wan go also c..
    they will ask 4 my ic one
    coz i am so young

    Young and look young is different πŸ˜›

  • EroS
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    lolx. like dat where can. πŸ˜€

    Can~~ can πŸ˜›

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    all this underage checking system is a tad bit overated…

    those that need to be checked escape and those yang pass 18 years old for few years dye still kena check..

    flattering at times… annoying always… ^^

    Hahaha ya XD after a few times really kinda annoying d

  • hehe
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    first time commenting here ^_^

    i think it’s a customer relationship tactic, meow.
    they just wanna make their customers happy
    see, you actually went to the casino 4 times

    Hahaha welcome welcome ^^
    My colleagues all wanted to go in.. so i followed also..

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    ehh ? miao looked like under 18 ?? i thought miao supposed to be looked under 15 πŸ˜›
    hahaha it’s good to know if miao face always looked young πŸ˜€
    you should tell us the secret how to make our face looked young already now ..

    I was wrong, the requirement to enter casino seems to be 21 instead of 18 XD
    so i’m not that young looking also

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    next time put more whiskers (for miao) or put moustache (for yourself) then sure become older πŸ˜› great to be young sometimes πŸ˜›

    Hahaha I usually look messy and untidy with a mustache on my face.

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    I have the very same problem here. >.< Sometime it just getting annoying~~ But look on the bright side, we are young. =D Heheheehehe *smirk* People will envy us. Ohohoho. XD

    Hahaha not all will envy..i suppose
    I know a few friends who can’t wait to get old or happy to look older than they really are.. 😐

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    Haha. Reminds me of when I went to take a peek inside an adult shop. O_o

    Lol.. they asked you to show your IC eh?

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    i hope they check my IC also, please!!

    Hahaha you can show to them yourself πŸ˜›

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    Dat reminds me of my fren aged 21 owez kena checked IC when enntering the pub. Her size n body height cheated many ppl. lol…

    Lol I went to pub when I’m 17-18 and nothing happened XD
    I guessed it wasn’t that strict back in the old days

  • DaisyBlue
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    Just wanna say “thank you” for you had always managed to make my day.

    Meow.. meow.. meow.. meow.. (Thank you in cat language) hehe..

    Woahh no no no thank you for supporting ^^

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    true eh? πŸ˜› can easily stand out among the oldies. hehehehehe so i think i should hang out with oldies more!

    Hahaha expect to see xin playing chess in the park XD

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    i oso kena….but sometimes only lah…hehe….
    and then, i thot the casinos in genting, u have to be at least 21? but heh, still look young leh… πŸ˜€

    Haha my wrong.. i just realize we need to be 21 to enter XD

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    Ahh such joy! To look young. *giggles. Yes ppl mistaken me for younger age too. Which is great but not when you owez get bullied all the time by bigger size ppl *sob sob T_T

    and look young can be a problem during work too..

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    haha i masuk casino when i was 16!! i hide behind my dad. but after that when im of legal age, i never tried to enter.

    so not sure if, i enter again..will kena or not.. i hope i kena ask for ic lo..haha

    Woah you’re good O.o, 16 is so obvious right?

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    LOL. I believe it’s your colleagues who look old =X

    Good what, to look young ~ ^__^

    They so gonna kill me for this XD

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    weyheys.. back from kelantan!! nw reading this in a cafe, waiting for my next event brief. welcome tot he club bro, welcome to the look young club!!! LOL

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    Wow, looks younger! Not bad, huh? πŸ˜›

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    Ah miao, u memang look young ma and hensem lol.

    Hahaha where got handsome.. XD

  • May 4, 2009 - 10:07 pm | Permalink

    thats cause cats always look young.

    Hahaha this cat only XD

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    wakakakakka~~ we were facing the same problem!! Everytime I accompany my fren go in..sure I kena to check IC..damn sienz leh~~

    It means that you look young ^^
    Good thing what..

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    I never had that problem before. Perhaps I look really old…then again…I have never been there before! LOL πŸ˜€

    Reply: LOL no wonder you never had that before.. XD

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    Guess what? I just turned 18 yesterday!!! Must remember to stop by the casino next time I’m in Genting. Hehehe…

    I just realized one need to be 21 to enter the place @@

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    Haha, Miao, u always look young ba, I told u liao lei. Now u believe le ma? Haha! =D

    But you’re saying I’m looking exactly the same as Primary six which is something too over young d XD

  • comet
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    just curious,did you exchange glance with the officers?Here a thing about it.Usually if i just walk in without looking at them,they won’t choi me.They would if i look into their eyes..

    anyway..you do have a slightly boyish face for your age πŸ˜› Also thanks to your uncle n aunty colleagues la.hahaha

    I was busy chit chating with my friends.. every time I went in.. πŸ™ and yet they still check me

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    So happy bo?
    Young wor…

    Hahaha kinda annoyed after a few times..

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    Haha.. FIrst time visiting your blog, when I read about your feature in Nuffnang.. You’re very funny and cute πŸ™‚ lolx.. No offense!! XD

    Hehe thank you for visiting ^^
    and welcome to my blog πŸ˜€

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    mine is always the opposite… they expect me to be the eldest/oldest around…

    why? because im always the tallest and biggest around…


    whats worse, I am indeed the most childish on around all the time…

    nyak nyak~~~

    Hahaha thats totally opposite of how you look like XD

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    I like the last comic! ROFL!

    Hahaha thank you ^^

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    Although is a bit annoying when people keep check your IC but actualy deep inside your heart, you feel very happy,rite? πŸ˜›

    Some part deep inside there ^^ yea

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    hey jian, i was at genting last fri, sat and sunday too~aiya..
    i met yun xuan in casino..
    and can you believe it, everytime i went inside casino the security sure block me 1..
    we face the same problem huh..

    take carez..

    Wahh so ngam.. but didn’t manage to see you guys there XD
    No fate XD

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    then, u lied to me? πŸ™ …. T.T I wanna go Casino, I wanna go Mois!!!!

    Hmm what did I lied about eh?

  • May 8, 2009 - 8:24 am | Permalink

    guess what??!! we were there also for both fri dan sat!! din recognize u lo..

    Hahaha its so big over there πŸ˜›
    Some more I didn’t wear my Cat suit that day XD

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