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Comic Fiesta 2018! We are Coming!

We are going to CF this Dec 22-23 for the first time. So do help us out, as we have no idea what to do there.

1.Have you been there before?
2. What do you usually buy from there?
3. Come and suggest what Miao should sell there!


Papamiao Rabies Awareness Event

Dropped by at Papamiao event. It’s my favorite one so far as the mascot was well done.
It’s so short and cute.

Maybe need to redo my miao to be short like Papamiao mascot.

Anyone who need cute mascot as ambassador where we send your message and objective through cute mascot, illustrations and comic, feel free to contact us. If you’re into AR interaction, we have too!


I was on air at TEAFM

Fun time.

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