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Face Detection

The other day was my colleague’s last day in the company and so she asked us to take some photos with her. Strange enough, the camera with face recognition system just would not focus on me. At first we thought it was a glitch or something.

But  later that, we took some more photos with more people, and surprisingly the camera focused on everyone except me. =.= Hmm….It’s either I do not exist or the camera recognition system only recognizes Humans only. ( The system thinks I’m at Cat. Oh yeah!! Hahaha.. )

Not focusing is still okay but imagine if the camera focusing on something that is not even there. O.o

Jeng Jeng Jeng!!!!!

Suddenly, face recognition system seems like kinda scary to me.. :/

Short note: It’s actually face detection not face recognition ^^” . Thanks to LongYC for the clarification 🙂


How to make your own Yogurt.

A lesson learnt here that is to always make sure your hamsters remember to help you put your milk/soya in the refrigerator.*koff koff* Hahaha…

Actually I forgot to put my soya milk in the fridge and it turned into a yogurt. I didn’t know bout it until I drank it.

Seriously, do not make your own yogurt at home. Homemade yogurt is not safe. You have no idea what bacteria is making it. It might be bad for the body and health.




on the side note..


It tasted exactly like a normal yogurt. XD



Be hold!!! The Supermoon!!

Captured last night around 3am in the morning after woke up by some stupid fella who blasted his songs with his cheapskate speaker and woofer in the middle of the night . :/

It was a bad decision to capture the moon as something happened to us…





The Supermoon after having it’s moonlight absorbed by Miao and WafuPafu.

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