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Thailand Trip

Hatyai 3: Temple Visiting and Food Hunt

Side note: Sorry for any Grammar mistakes. Was updating this since 4am and now I need to rush to my office ady. Will correct them when I’m back 😛

As requested, my Hatyai post!! 😀

Still remember this little stall from my super duper old post on Hatyai?

You can refresh your memories here and here ^^”




So after a long blur search for food, we finally found this stall..

selling.. Fried Fortune Noodle Meat? huh?? (reading from the plate in the photo)

Maybe that’s how it is called in Thai for…



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Devil in a Lift.

I’m very very very very very very very very very very super duper whooper burger afraid of cockroach. What makes it worst, I stayed on the fifth floor and my legs are still suffering from my jogging on Sunday. T3T

After 26 years, I’m still afraid of cockroach. I failed as a cat T3T.



A Day at the Cafe

Note: Suppose to be Hatyai and Beach posts but those two are such a long posts, I only have the time to prepare them over the weekend ^^”


The other day, it was so hot at home, I decided to go to a cafe to do my work. With great luck, the waitress there was quite a charming girl… and I ended up… *cough cough* concentrate on my work..LOL

Can’t help it, male’s instinct.

All boys are the same… =.=


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