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My Wife’s Butt Got Kissed.

Me and my friend rushed out from the car and check the damage, so was the driver behind me.

As it was the first time that I actually bumped into someone in my driving history. I really have no idea what to do and what to negotiate. So I quickly apologized and said I will pay for the damage without really discussing who actually hit who in the first place. XD

But luckily the damage done wasn’t anything serious and my friend paid for it on behalf of me. ^^


The same thing happened when I’m in Kuching and I reversed and hit a 5-Series BMW. Luckily there was no driver in the car and no scratches from both car. XD


Miao’s First MC.

I’m sick again and took my first MC on Wednesday. Being a productive cat, I don’t really like the feeling lying on the bed doing nothing at all.

In the afternoon when I felt better, I actually went to the bank to settle some of my matters, went to the workshop to get my radio fix and of course went to the hospital to get a shot. Oyah I even went to my Japanese Class at night.

In the end…

Being productive is not a good thing after all.


Thief in da House!

Seriously, it hurts A LOT! I can see my blood veins in my eyes all popping out when I’m gargling my mouth. @@

This Big Rat even took away my hair conditioner. RAWR! When I came back from work yesterday, both the items are back to its place. He put them back :|.

The same thing happened to my toothbrush few weeks ago. I never touched that toothbrush since then.

Why can’t they ask if they wanted to borrow it?

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