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What a Scam

Short notes: Postponed my Nuffnang party Experience post. ^^

I was walking out from the Monorail and headed towards the shopping mall when this boy came up gave me a flyer and ask me to open it. Once I opened, he went so excited and told me i won the grand prize with the mark on the flyer matching the one on his hand. Here’s the scamming process. LoL

I didn’t went but I wondered what will happened if I really went to that address?

Got myself robbed? Got myself kidnapped? Got myself raped?

Or maybe I should bring some cops with me and go. Lol.

Or maybe it wasn’t a Scam after all? O.o


Yam Seng @ Nuffnang Music Bash Party 09

I just got back from the Party..

Will draw a post about it Tomorrow 🙂

Festive Season

Did you switch off the light on Earth Hour?

I was quite surprise to notice that there’s really a lot of people who are aware of it and really switch off the lights but there are some might not aware of it, some might just ignore it and some took the idea wrong and organize big event (which waste more electricity and energy and its soo wrong ) and some have no choice but to turn on the light.

Like me. ^^”

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