Sorry for the missing of miao during the weekend. Actually, I went on a trip with my colleagues over the weekend. There’s suppose to have an update before I went out for my trip on Saturday but.. I could not manage to update it.

and this is why…

My trip started at 4:00am in the morning, and a few hours before that ….

All thanks to my blurness of setting the Alarm at 3:00pm instead of 3:00am, I could not manage to have my breakfast, update blog and also packing up.


It seems like I made it in time… but




Moral of the story: Never ever saved your job till last minute…you never know what will happen next…

Oyah, try to guess where did  I went :D.

More hints 🙂


– A Place with the Cleanest water Source in Malaysia

Origin of a Famous Black/Brown coloured drink which named in contrast with its color.

Famous with the Chicks

The answer is in this post… try find it 😀



Omg! I lose 5kg!!

Seriously I lose 5kg over 3 months…ever since I started to work. My colleagues told me usually people get fat in my current company over the time…but seems like I broke the trend.

I think maybe its due to the fact that I’m having only two meals (lunch + dinner ) per day now instead of the usual 5 meals (breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner + supper) per day I used to have during university… Some more I think my diet is getting unhealthier… no more breakfast and no more fruits after meal… @.@

Unhealthy and…



Monday Bluess

I have been doing the same thing every morning for the last week…and today also…




I always wanted to wake up early in the morning to do something before work but by the time I finished delaying my alarm..its already time for work…


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