Monday is Not MiaoDay

I left my keys in the bedroom and got myself locked out. Lucky my house’s owner is kind enough to come all the way from his workplace just to save me, but then I still arrived late at work.

Woke up so early but end up late. I think its destined for me not to wake up early. Hahaha…So tomorrow I’m so gonna sleep till last minute wahahahahaha….

Some more I’m feeling sick right now.. having a bit of fever..



Boring on Valentine.

Hahaha so bored that we messaging instead of ask directly.



Oh ya, we went for Valkyrie yesterday.


The story based on a true story about an attempt to assassinate Adolf Hilter and take over the German Government from his evil hand.

The story was so-so but at least its better than yawning at home. This week has been a boring week, so boring that I went to the cinema three times.

Hahaha maybe I went outings too much previously that it makes me feel boring if I’m didn’t go out.

This is how my Valentine went.. how’s yours?


Festive Season

Where’s the Real Cupid?

Ever wonder where’s the real cupid if Miao has replaced him as Miao-pid?




And our Little God of Luv turned into a God of Hatred in the end.


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