The Death Call

I’m starting to afraid of my phone d especially when it starts to ring as 90% of them are from the company @@ with bad news..

More calls, more problems, more stuffs for me to solve, more tired I am… and eventually shorter the comic strip goes before I collapsed on my bed..

P/S: Sorry for not taking any request at the moment as I’m full of pending tasks.. But if you need guidance I  can still be able to help 🙂


Festive Season

Best thing about Chinese New Year

I don’t need to worry about my job, my committed tasks, my meals, my expenses..i no need worry about anything at all..(except getting fat)

I started to like Chinese New Year… 😛

What’s your best thing about Chinese New Year?



Reunion back with Hamsters

Times really flies and 1 week of holiday have passed in a blink of an eye. Now I’m back in Melaka again but I think I have left my heart, mind and soul in Kuching. The warm family there, the awesome food, and the buddies  (most of them are back in KL/SG anyway =.=) there makes me don’t wanna come back to Melaka at all..

And gosh I found out I didn’t miss Melaka at all when I was back in Kuching… except my hamsters hahahaha… That’s why I met up with my colleague to get back my two beloved naughty hamsters as soon as possible which shows how  much I miss them…

I think they miss me too… in a different way…


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