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Singapore Trip

Miao’s First Day in Singapore.

Check it out: Do check out this video clip done by BakKutTeh, a team from Malaysia who is participating in an international competition called “The Best Trip in the World” organized by Taiwan Tourism Board. Do give some support as they are competing for NTD 1 MILLION grand prize.

We finally reached Link Hotel in Singapore!


O.o The Sea of Bloggers.

I think I see someone trying to open her eyes there and another fella picking his nose. Hahahaha.

Upon reaching the place, a blogger came up and asked me whether I’m akiraceo..

What a funny girl ^^

So am I chio? (pretty/hot)



After a long wait, all of us managed to check in to our rooms.

This is basically how the room looks like.

That’s my bed next to the window which is right in front of the TV. 😀 Purrrfect!

A view from the another corner of the room. And that’s my Lappy wife on the table.

If you look properly, you can actually notice I’m using my Miao wallpaper too. 😀

I ensure you that you don’t wanna know what is in there. XD Hahaha



Being a foreign finalist for the blog award, I’m not allowed to bring guest along with me.

Which eventually means I have the whole room for myself!!!




But when at night….




Luckily nothing happened…




or maybe something did happened.

Jeng Jeng Jeng!!

Outdoor Trip

Miao likes Crowded places.

Its so freaky crowded and dark in the club. If I let her continued to grab my shirt, I think my shirt gonna ended up torn. So a cat gonna do what a cat gonna do, right right?  *koff koff koff* ^^”

Okay she didn’t really fainted but I never know someone can actually blush so much.


Miao is getting Younger!!

Last Friday and Saturday, I was at Genting Highland. As I was there, I went and paid a few visits to the Casino.

As I was walking through the check point, I was asked to show my IC to the officer. At first I thought I looked like under 21 for some officers, but after I was checked for all four visits to the casino by four different officers. My colleagues came to a conclusion that I have a childish, a younger look.

I remembered last time when I visited the casino with my course mates a couple years ago, I had never asked to show my IC before but now…

Which came to two things, one I got younger over the years (maybe drawing comic had made me to have a younger heart and eventually become younger… wahahaha )


Hahaha.. what to do… I’m the youngest employee  in my company.

p/s: My colleagues are so gonna kill me for this.

Edited: My wrong my wrong.. it suppose to be under 21 not 18 ^^”

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