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Miao&CheeChingy at #Churpout 2012 with #CelcomNote2

Yes, that’s me in my human suit. Chingy at the center and our Monkeyhao at the back.

Early morning last Saturday, Monkeyhao was super duper kind and fetched us to Publika for Churpout 2012.   Me and Chingy had our booths there to showcase our arts, promoting and hopefully meeting our readers. It was our first time to meet our readers in public.

Under prepared, I forgot to bring any easels for my boards …

and ended up making our own.

and it works. Seems like the “we’re engineer” works.

Oh, this is how my booth looks like XD.

I prepared quite number of stuff for the booth like drawing tools to draw stuffs for anyone who visited, sample phone cases, newly designed and printed namecards :D.

the only thing I didn’t prepare was a full stomach. XD LOL

I then took a quick brunch with CheeChingy and Monkeyhao since the booth starts at 11am. Lol

When we got back, someone was already there. :3 One of our readers came and visited us!!

It was sooo awesomeee 😀 We’re so happy and don’t know what to do.

After a while, a few more show up. T^T *so touched*

And before we know it..

we’re taking photos

receiving gifts/letters

and drawing pictures on the papers for our readers.

It was sooo fun.  We even had some chit chat with them. :3

Awesome time to know more about our readers.

We even get the chance to draw on the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Thanks to Celcom and Samsung.  They helped to print the drawings on the spot for the readers.

Here’s the sketches I did on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Honestly, it was my first time drawing on a phone. I must say it’s rather different, it was very smooth in compared to conventional drawing tools as it does not have friction like paper surface but the sensitivity was very good. I have tried my friend’s Samsung Note 1 before and it really improves a lot on the sensitivity and accuracy.

Actually, I kinda got addicted to it in the end. How nice it will be to have one and sketch my idea as I travel. *Batting my eyelashes*


Well, this is basically what was going on at my booth at the Inspiration sections.

As I was at my booth the whole day, I didn’t manage to wander around much but from where I am, I saw the Marketplace section was doing extremely well. 

It was flooded with people and clothes and people keeps coming in. Well, girls love clothes. 😛


The FunCircuit area offers four games where you can collect points for some presents.

I didn’t manage to play any games and refuse to play this game that will get myself wet, I didn’t win anything. But I heard there’s this fella who win 3 presents in one round; a phone, a tablet and  a camera. That’s like 8k worth of presents!! Lucky fella. =.=



Luckily, I manage to catch up with Skyward performance at the Stage area.

Listening to them live is so different.

I even got to see some of Malaysia’s famous youtubers on stage.

It was weird to see them in real life as I always watch them on my 14″ small laptop. Lol.


It was an awesome event. I personally enjoyed it. 🙂

Gonna thank Churpout for inviting me over to this event. I got to meet a lot of people from readers, old friends, new friends, blogger friends, online friends, hi-bye friends to non human friends. It was great meeting them all.

Another big thanks to for those who came and visit not only to the Churpout event but to our booth just to support us. Thanks to you, the readers, bloggers and friends.

We’re so happy when people actually came and meet us, and some even from far far away. It means a lot to us.

Every day, we draw hours just for a post that finished reading in a few seconds, just to get the readers to like our drawings and also hope it can makes you smile and have a brighten day. And your visits that day really makes our hard works worth it and my trip all the way from Borneo even worth it. 🙂


Oh and I sorry to my readers, as I lost the letters and gifts you girls gave me. 🙁 It was gone with my phone cases, namecards, note pad, and other stuffs together with the goodie bag. Oh, and with WafuPafu in it. 😐

Shit, I talked too much. Wonder whether anyone reads them. LOL. Till next post. 🙂 See ya.

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Hmm.. I think I forgot something/someone..



That Girl called me Kak

The other day, I bumped into Pauline from Super_Long_URL_Comic_Blog.

P/S: Kak are usually address to older ladies to even aunties.

A moment there, I was convinced that she did that.

*swallow saliva*

Girls are scary…





A Comic Affair

This is a story about how a boy who were planned to be an engineer by his family but after 20+ years, he got away in the end with his passion and dream in drawing. Without talents and proper drawing background, he turned into a fake cat.


Read more HERE to found out what makes him to start drawing and makes him to continue drawing and did not die in the process. XD


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This is actually I teaser I wrote for my article on Prudential Project Listen. It’s actually a project where they get Malaysians to write something inspiring for Malaysian. For mine, it’s about how I got into comics and how I’m inspired to continue.  Hopefully, you will get inspired to draw  too. ^^


Do check them out ya. It’s HERE. I got some grammar and vocab mistakes in there. Sorry about that ^^” and apologize for the short teaser post.



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