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Thailand Trip

We Iz Over Excited to Visit Chiang Mai

Peninsular Malaysia on the left, Borneo on the right.

I always get over excited the day before my trip




and always ended up couldn’t sleep well. =.=

Half of the reason was I was over excited and another half was afraid I might over slept and missed out my flight. @@ I ended up having 2 hours sleep only. =.= Feel like I might collapse on the roadside of Chiang Mai. lol

Oh, unless you don’t know AirAsia Airlines had sponsored me to go check out Chiang Mai!!! I was so excited!! Thailand always been on the top of my travel list especially Bangkok XD. It seems like I have fate with Thailand! 😀 The last time, I was sponsored by AirAsia to Hatyai and this time to Chiang Mai!! Hopefully one day to Bangkok. 😛

At first, I thought no people would approach me anymore since I am based in Kuching now which is far from KL but seems like there are people/companies who appreciate my blog and didn’t mind the distance.  T3T

Well, it’s not that far anyway, just 1 and 45 minutes, nearer than Melaka which takes 2 hours to arrive if there’s no jam. 😛

So, for this trip, I flew all the way from Borneo Kuching to Kuala Lumpur the night before as the meetup and the flight was 7 morning 8 morning the next day.

Anyway, first thing first, Chatime on the plane!! Not that I’m a fan of Chatime but I just wanna try it out. XD

Well, it tasted like Chatime. XD Still very fresh.

Tada!! This is my room for the night. My first time staying in Tune Hotel.

*koff koff*

no.. i’m not surfing sexy sites.

Not bad I must say. For those who has small house or apartments, you can try learn from Tune Hotel as they really good at fully utilized the space within the room. 🙂  Everything is well arranged.

The bed was very comfortable. A moment there, I doesn’t feel like move my fat ass off the bed but I can’t as Chiang Mai is waiting!!! Wakakaka… *do the over-excited-dance*

Can’t wait to meet the rest of the members too as I have no idea who were going with me at that time. XD

Who knows, it might  be a trap and I might ended up kidnapped and turned into a girl cat??? O_O


Baskin Robin, Olympic and Dato LCW

Remarks: DLCW – Dato Lee Chong Wei (a Malaysian Badminton player)


As everyone knows our Dato just had his final olympic match last night and won the Silver medal. Before the match, some of our franchises and stores announce there will be free/discount if our Dato win a Gold medal, one of them is Baskin Robins.

Honestly, I don’t really bother bout the free Baskin Robins or free holiday but it’s sad to see some people who went and blame Dato Lee for his lost and they not be able to enjoy free food.  =.= Gosh, I feel like flipping a table of poisons on them.

Where’s the respect for the one who manage to get our flag raised in the Olympic games and our first and only Olympic medal.

I don’t usually watch sports or matches and only check out the result after that. I have to agree that it’s the only time when everyone (most not all) who went and cheered for their nation representatives despite of their colors and political differences.



My Sister is so Sweet

My sister is sweet? NOT!!

The apple is so salty!!!!

She put lots of salt on the them >.<

What did I do to have this treatment??

ehh… Next coming post will be on my recent trip to Thailand!!

Sawadeekrub!! Stay Tune 😀

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