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Miao and his Itchy hands..

After the visit to the dentist, my lips and nose still feel numb and without any senses because of the dental injection. I don’t know why but I have this urge of keep of touching, poking and pitching it because it ‘s painless as if it’s not my skin XD.

I regretted when the drug’s effect ran off because my nose was in pain. @@ Now my nose still feel sore…

Me and my itchy hand =.=


A Miao’s Day at the Dentist

Hahaha the little boy’s expression is so funny XD. He had all his tears wiped and try to pretend the part where he cried did not happened at all. Well, everyone heard him and everyone was looking at him when he’s out.

There’s one bad cat that actually giggled back there… XD






Well, 5 teeth down and 3 more to go, so this wont be my last visit to the dentist this year T3T.


I haz a Kitten from Germany

Hehehe.. it’s not a real cat.

But my senior still refused to touch it. Yes, she is very scared of cats even they are fake.



But the cat does looks very real to me at certain angle 😀

And because of that, my boss…

My senior finally touched it !! but getting goosebumps right after that XD hahaha

Maybe next time I’ll try and bring a real cat for her to touch.. 😀

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