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Miao On KLUE.

The cat is recovering but the sore throat stills there and standing strong. LOL. I’m trying to drink as much water as I can at the moment and hopefully it will get better within these few days. Its going to be mating season, need to start purring for mates on the rooftop soon. LOL… just joking..

Anyway, at the mean time, please do check out my Guest Blog Post at KLUE Online. Its a post on something I experienced in a cinema some time ago which I found it very interesting. It was posted on Tuesday but I just noticed it today. :P. Hope you guys enjoy the comic strip. 🙂 See you guys soon~~




This gonna be another story XD


Dumplings Anyone?

I suppose to update this post yesterday but I was too tired to post it and went to sleep around 1030pm, 2 hours earlier than my usual bedtime. @@

Actually I thought of taking MC today but there are pending works need to be settle in the office, so I think I will just go to work as usual and see a doc during the lunch break later. Hehe…

Hopefully, I won’t get sick again when I travel back to Kuching later this month or else it will be very troublesome.


You know you’re tired when

WTF right?

Good thing is Weekend d but bad part of it is its gonna be a busy weekend. LOL

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