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Secret Ninja Assassination Technique: Mist No Jutsu

The haze just strike the historical town of Melaka, though its not as serious as other states but still can notice a bit little hazy out there. Some more I wake up in the morning I can smell the smoke as if someone is burning nearby and my throat is a bit itchy as well.

Anyway, guys do take care of your throat ya..  🙂

This is a friendly caring message from the cat..




Please ignore my spelling mistake in the strip please 😛


Miao is Young

For some reasons, I’m getting this comment pretty much lately…

Sometimes I wondered is it a good thing to look younger? I bet the girls would say YES. Hahahaha… how bout the guys then? Prefer to look more mature? or more uncle? or more father looking?

Personally I prefer to look younger, maybe it suits my person better…LOL but it might gives some difficulties during work.

It might not caused any problem during a date though…

unless you said the wrong words.



I didn’t mean it~~~ huhuhuhu~~


The Secret of Lurve Facebook

I found this application from Facebook.

It seems like Twisties Lurve is having a contest in Facebook where you can actually win hard cash from it. Being very generous, Twisties Lurve is giving out a total of RM13k of cash to the winners with the grand prize as high as RM5k.

Click Here.

Seriously, its quite easy.

First, install the applications here and register yourself up.

Do click HERE to join and win. Remember to read the Terms and Condition too.

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