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A Mistake that turned out Good in the end.

The other day, I was looking for this bank before I went to Urbanscape but I have no idea where to find it. So I decided to head straight to Urbanscape (Sentul Station) and hoping there will be a suitable ATM machine for me.

I was actually silly enough to bought the wrong ticket (Masjid Jamek) and travelled there instead. Unexpectally, I happened to found the bank. LOL what a luck.



Hmmm… sometimes with a bit of luck, a mistake may turn out into something good after all.


Mosquitoes Attack

Seriously, the mosquitoes in my room are getting more and more. I just bought a mosquito repellent just now.   Hopefully it will do its stuff and prevent those mosquitoes from sucking me dry.

I don’t know why but I keep getting the idea that the mosquito does not have much effect on them because I can still see a mosquito flying freely in front of me right now.  =.=

It seems like Wafu found some new friends and I think I just killed them.


NewsFlash: Missing Puppy

My friend from Ipoh lost her little puppy. At the moment, I have no info on how she lost it or where she lost it, so anyone who happened to see a Rottweiler with a long uncut tail please contact me.  Your help is highly appericiated. Thank you. 🙂

Extra more detailed infos:

5 -6 months old
Microchip code: 458 098 500 174 478
Remark: Got tail

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