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A Hunt for RM15K

This is the first time I actually participate in a radio station’s contest, a huge 1 also from I use to be an inactive person who don’t like to participant in anythiing XD. But it seems like cat do changes over time.

Anyway, Jason and I went and played the last round of the Fugitive last night The game was quite interesting and fun with all these location guessing using only the clues given (mall, stage, federal, car, park).

With those given clues, we decided to go MBMB building near the Melaka Mall for our hunt.  It was quite embarrassing going around and asking every single stranger with the same question but for the bounty of RM15.. What the heck right? XD.  Every single person asked might makes me RM15 richer.^^

Sadly after hunting for 2 hours, we didn’t manage to find the fugitive.

And I did not have any plan or better thing to do on that night either.

Next time, we will definitely try again!!


Wtf? Hamster Kills faster than Smoking?

What can I say..

One should actually look at themselves before they say anything about others right?


Marley&Me Review: I miss my Pets!

Yesterday was a boring Sunday, so I asked Jason out for a movie of Marley & Me.

The movie is actually adapted from one of the best selling novel that is based on a True story of the novelist himself. Its about this crazy dog, Marley, his family, and the bonding between them.

Very meaningful, touching and funny movie I must say. A highly recommended movie by me.




and I was thinking…

Seriously, life will be different without them.

and I think I need to learn how to make a proper review ^^”

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