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New Template: Ohaiyo~

Tada!! New Template for my site ^^.

I just used my Saturday renovating my site

(until I forgot to attend a performance that I had promised my colleague to).

Anyway, Good bye my previous Lovey Lovey edition and welcome my new Ohaiyo~  edition. Hohoho

I did make wallpapers for it too as usual.

This time with date on it ^^ making it a calendar wallpaper. FTW!!


So how do you think?


Update 1: I toned down the green background as per YeinJee’s comment.


How to settle Heavy Workloads in a second?

This is how to settle heavy workloads.

You burn it.


I Won the Best Creative Post for Dragonball Evolution Contest!!!

Last week, I received a call from an unknown number and to my surprise, it was Robb caling from Nuffnang. Suprisingly, I was told that I won the Best Creative Post for the DragonBall Evolution Campaign Contest with my previous post.  It was unbelievable for me as I never thought I would actually win in the contest as I had never win in a contest before.

Anyway, here I would like say…

Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you!! Nuffnang!!!




Miao is sooooo happy!

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