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One Step to be the Fastest Driver in Town

How to be a driver.. a fast driver, the fastest way?

There’s only one step needed…







Had this urge to poop last night when i was outside having drinks with friends.

Gosh I drove super fast yesterday overtaking every single vehicle in front of me. >.<

Luckily I survive and reached home before it bursts.

Thank you…


My Little Sister Cooked Us Dinner.

hahah actually it’s not that bad, still edible.  Just a kinda diluted as she put too much water for the Tom Yam Soup.

But I’m very happy as it’s my first time to try my younger sister’s dish. She still has long way to go tho but we don’t mind become her experiment white mouse (cat and dog in the case) again. heheh

Then again, she took the comment well.

…so well that she had prepared  instant noodle for herself in the first place. hmm..


Temptation is Strong

Why food looks sooo delicious every time when I’m sick???

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