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Thailand Trip

Miao First Songkran in Khon Kaen!!

Songkran is the New Year for Thais. 

This year i suppose to go Bangkok for Songkran but unfortunately due to some timing we had to skip and move my Bangkok trip to May.

When I thought I gonna missed out Songkran this year, I was fortunate to be invited by AirAsia for the Songkran in Khon Kaen, Thailand! Woohoo!! Thank you AirAsia!!

And so, I was in Khon Kaen last week for my first water festival!!

Look at all the humans!! People mountain people sea!!! 

It was way more happening than I thought. It’s like the whole city population on the street.

And yes, Chingy got separate from us and got lost in less than 20 minutes. 😐 #winliaolor

They closed up part of the city and streets for the Songkran. It’s basically like a big huge carnival. There are food stalls along the sides leading to the main street.

Over at the main street, there are many stages along each side of the streets with performances and shows for the people. They called them water stations because they have water containers for you to refilled your water guns and also shoot you with.

Look what i found.

AirAsia water station!

View from the AirAsia stage.

It’s kinda scary up here due to the slippery floor.

I really have to salute those dancers who performed on AirAsia dance showdown. I hardly can walk properly but those people can just dance on it.

Then comes the water war.

I ran away from him after that. The fat boy was scary.

The Thailand policemen were so sporting lor. Playing with water guns with all the civilians. Here’s a photo of him refilling his “ammo” at AirAsia water station.

A photo of us XD

When I first heard that they play powder at Songkran. My first impression was like…


then when i was there..

they greet you while holding to a bottle of powder. Then smile with you while showing you the powder in their hands. They were so polite that I nodded to them and allowed them to put powder on me. How can anyone reject such politeness.

And the one putting the powder was just a random uncle. I can’t imagine if it’s a cute Thai girl OAO

Look at my face. :>

I took a walk to the stage next door and it was getting more serious over there. It’s scary.

But not for this boy, i bet it was his best day of his life. hahaha

Here’s a short video of it.

I don’t know why it’s just 240p :< Sorry about that.

Maiku (dammit)! I still missing Songkran, I’m so gonna head back next year.

Songkran is held on every 2nd week of April. All cities in Thailand celebrate it, but each with its own vibe and crowd. If you have celebrate Songkran in other cities before, do check out the one here in Khon Kaen too.

If you have not experienced Songkran, it’s a must-do-once in a lifetime. It’s best to start planning now. 😀

Khon Kaen is about 60 minutes flight away from Bangkok with 4x daily flights. 

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RoadTrip Sarawak Trip

Siniawan, the Vintage Town in Kuching

One fine afternoon, I made a spontaneous trip to Siniawan town. Siniawan town is an old and vintage town from the late 1800s, the place where the Rajah built his first fort.

Siniawan located about 15 minutes away from Sentosa Town or 7th mile in Kuching. Just turned right at the 7th mile traffic light and just go straight until you see the signboard and also the Siniawan street on your right.

First impression of Siniawan.

Siniawan is actually just a street with 2 rows of shoplots at its sides. There are probably 20 shops on each row. The shoplots are all made out of wood like most of all old buildings from the Old Sarawak Kingdom era as wood was commonly found in Sarawak.



If you like old architecture or photography, you would love this place as most of the shops kept the designs untouched.



The Charm of Siniawan

When the sun sets, the quiet dead street comes alive. Lanterns are lit; people setting up stalls by the road; tables and chair started populating the road and followed up with hungry visitors from the city.

Sometimes the tables and chairs might not be enough for all.


As the area is mostly populated by Hakka community, you can find a lot of Hakka food there like Hakka kuihs-muihs. The Meatball noodles is a very famous dish around there. If you need halal food, there are also Malay stalls too.

They have BBQ seafood and Satays.

While chilling there, it feels like I’m traveled back in time especially when the local residents singing to oldies on a stage.

But bear in mind that, they are not professionals, so sometimes may be off….. by a lot.

My tourist friend said it’s very interesting to have such an old street few minutes away from the city and a happening food bazaar popping out of nowhere when the surroundings are mostly pitch black and jungles. hahah.. Kudos for the fella who revived the place.

Too bad is just a 2 row of street, if only it’s longer then we can have more to see and eat and do.

With that said, I actually spent 4 hours over there on my first visit…

eating and eating.


Siniawan Night Bazzar:

Opens : Friday – Sunday.

From 6pm to 10pm? 

Sabah Trip

Sabah Day 2: Sapi Island

On the first day, we went up to the mountainous region of Kundasang, so for the second day, apa lagi! To the Beach!!

KK is really blessed with many nature getaways. The marine park which consists of 5 islands with white beaches and clear blue sea is just 15-20 minutes boat ride away from KK city which is like super duper near. It’s like getting to the 7-11.

It was a bad morning that day as I was coughing like mad since the day before.

but that did not stopped me from breakfast. XD Breakfast is a must especially on trips.

I found this shop that sells Tuaran Mee via Internet. God bless internet. I love the noodle’s texture, it was very springy. A must try noodle in KK as you can only find Tuaran Mee in Sabah. I always like to order something different when I go travel.

After the breakfast, we gathered up and head over to the jetty.

The jetty is just 5 minutes drive from my apartment if there’s no jam.

As expected, there were a lot of people. We waited about an hour for our boat.

To be honest, I’m afraid of water. (Well, I’m a cat *koff koff*) hahaha I will sweat whenever I’m nearby the sea or huge river or even drive across a long bridge. Then again, I love water activities and fishes especially fishes on my plate barbecued.  *koff koff*

Sapi Island

There’s 5 islands within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, we were arranged to go to Sapi island as it was a better one for snorkeling. Snorkeling is actually pretty cheap, It’s only RM23 for the boat ride, and another RM15 for the equipment rental. That’s all. XD

I never been to any snorkeling-scuba-resort-beach island before. This is my first and was very excited for it.

The sights upon arriving the island..


Omg, wait what! Time to jump into the Sea!!

oh have to pay another RM5 i think for the park entrance.

*throw money at the counter*

*Runs into the sea*

Remember to go to the beach facing front, it’s more happening there. More corals and fishes.

Sorry no underwater photos but it was fun chasing/stalking the food..i mean fishes around.

The Sea is so awesome~~~ Probably not that scary anymore~~

Sadly, it was not as colorful as I imagined and saw from the TV. Then I found out the corals are actually dying. 🙁

Tourism is killing them slowly. No wonder certain islands has a restriction on the number of visitors per day.

We spent like almost 6 hours there but it felt like only 2 hours hahaha time really flies there. A miraculously my cough and sore throat was cured there. There wasn’t  a single cough over there.

If it’s not because of a storm was heading toward the island else we would still hangout there. In one second, everyone was in the sea chasing fish, and a second later everyone was on the jetty looking for their speedboats and can’t wait to escape the island.

We were going through the open space while the other boats stick to the side of island which seems to be much more safer.

After stucked for a minute or two, they managed to start the engine back and we managed to reach the jetty before the storm hits. The Sea is still very scary. LOL


Second day Itinerary:

> Breakfast

> Snorkeling/Diving in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

> Relax in KK


I heard Sapi is a better location for snorkeling compare to the rest. I’m not sure as I wasn’t very very amazed with the corals and fishes in Sapi Island.

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