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What a Scam

Short notes: Postponed my Nuffnang party Experience post. ^^

I was walking out from the Monorail and headed towards the shopping mall when this boy came up gave me a flyer and ask me to open it. Once I opened, he went so excited and told me i won the grand prize with the mark on the flyer matching the one on his hand. Here’s the scamming process. LoL

I didn’t went but I wondered what will happened if I really went to that address?

Got myself robbed? Got myself kidnapped? Got myself raped?

Or maybe I should bring some cops with me and go. Lol.

Or maybe it wasn’t a Scam after all? O.o


Walking in the Rain

What you see is not always the truth. The eyes can be very deceiving.


Windy days in Melaka

Melaka have been very very windy these days. I don’t see any point to set my hairs at all  before I go anywhere as it will ended up messy again once I stepped out of my house.

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