Yearly Archives: 2015


Bad luck Cat

I have been sick since Sunday and just when I was cured on Wednesday…..

I injured myself again.. =.=

The bad part of it is I have to eat more pills.


Someone Took My Laptop Bag!!

That “again” makes them sounds like this is not the first time they mistook someone else bag.

Maiku, how can you not recognized your own bag.

Thank God. I managed to take back my bag and laptop. My worst fear is losing all my drawings and source files.

go die. please.


First Meet and Greet Session :D

Gonna faced my greatest fear that is to talk in front of a bunch of people.

It’s gonna be scary and kanjiong (nervous).

If you’re around please come and drop by ya, bring your book along too ya. So I can help to conteng-conteng (doodle). Hehe

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