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Sabah Trip

Sabah Day 2: Sapi Island

On the first day, we went up to the mountainous region of Kundasang, so for the second day, apa lagi! To the Beach!!

KK is really blessed with many nature getaways. The marine park which consists of 5 islands with white beaches and clear blue sea is just 15-20 minutes boat ride away from KK city which is like super duper near. It’s like getting to the 7-11.

It was a bad morning that day as I was coughing like mad since the day before.

but that did not stopped me from breakfast. XD Breakfast is a must especially on trips.

I found this shop that sells Tuaran Mee via Internet. God bless internet. I love the noodle’s texture, it was very springy. A must try noodle in KK as you can only find Tuaran Mee in Sabah. I always like to order something different when I go travel.

After the breakfast, we gathered up and head over to the jetty.

The jetty is just 5 minutes drive from my apartment if there’s no jam.

As expected, there were a lot of people. We waited about an hour for our boat.

To be honest, I’m afraid of water. (Well, I’m a cat *koff koff*) hahaha I will sweat whenever I’m nearby the sea or huge river or even drive across a long bridge. Then again, I love water activities and fishes especially fishes on my plate barbecued.  *koff koff*

Sapi Island

There’s 5 islands within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, we were arranged to go to Sapi island as it was a better one for snorkeling. Snorkeling is actually pretty cheap, It’s only RM23 for the boat ride, and another RM15 for the equipment rental. That’s all. XD

I never been to any snorkeling-scuba-resort-beach island before. This is my first and was very excited for it.

The sights upon arriving the island..


Omg, wait what! Time to jump into the Sea!!

oh have to pay another RM5 i think for the park entrance.

*throw money at the counter*

*Runs into the sea*

Remember to go to the beach facing front, it’s more happening there. More corals and fishes.

Sorry no underwater photos but it was fun chasing/stalking the food..i mean fishes around.

The Sea is so awesome~~~ Probably not that scary anymore~~

Sadly, it was not as colorful as I imagined and saw from the TV. Then I found out the corals are actually dying. 🙁

Tourism is killing them slowly. No wonder certain islands has a restriction on the number of visitors per day.

We spent like almost 6 hours there but it felt like only 2 hours hahaha time really flies there. A miraculously my cough and sore throat was cured there. There wasn’t  a single cough over there.

If it’s not because of a storm was heading toward the island else we would still hangout there. In one second, everyone was in the sea chasing fish, and a second later everyone was on the jetty looking for their speedboats and can’t wait to escape the island.

We were going through the open space while the other boats stick to the side of island which seems to be much more safer.

After stucked for a minute or two, they managed to start the engine back and we managed to reach the jetty before the storm hits. The Sea is still very scary. LOL


Second day Itinerary:

> Breakfast

> Snorkeling/Diving in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

> Relax in KK


I heard Sapi is a better location for snorkeling compare to the rest. I’m not sure as I wasn’t very very amazed with the corals and fishes in Sapi Island.


How to get Free Wifi Everywhere in Japan

Data connectivity is like a must have item when traveling in Japan since English has little use there and most of the signboards are in Japanese.  Okay lar, you can use a travel guide or translation book but it’s still very troublesome if compare to Uncle Google.


Since NTT Broadband is giving out FREE Wifis to everyone in JAPAN, #waitwhat use internet only lar. Hahahaha #serious #nolie

Just download the “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” application from the Android and Apple market, install and connect to over 91,000 hot spots for FREE. Damn Japan is awesome, NTT Broadband is lagi awesome.

Click or scan here to download :  

Android Market  


Apple Store

Now with FREE Wifi.. I can…

Kao a Japanese girl * koff koff*

And also show off your photos in Japan to your group chat LOL.

Ohaiyo~ from Japan


First Post of 2015!!

Wheee it’s 2015!! Happy New Year everybody!!!

It’s gonna be an exciting year. A year of trips! 3 confirmed trips, Myanmmar, Bangkok, and Taiwan!! >v< Before the trips to come, I need to settle my Sabah post. hahaha 😛

There are two announcements for today. First, of all…

Miao le book

I’m in the midst of preparing my book and here’s a teaser XD.  I have no figure the title yet so might need your all help. Anyway, do stay tune ya 🙂

And second, it’s my another comic project.

All about Kathleen.

Another real life stories inspired comic. We have this interesting friend who have a very irregular logic, so we thought of telling and sharing her point of view of life and the world. We’re currently running pilot runs/strips on Webtoon.

WEBTOON app is available on both IOS and Android.

You can read it online too. Do support and subscribe.



– – – – – – –  – – – – – – – –

Thank you for the support of my dreams and passion over the years and Let’s make 2015 an even awesome one together 🙂

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