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AABC Asean Traveller Contest

I am the best candidate to be AirAsia Asean Traveller’s Pro-foodie because

Crickets | Meal-worm | Grasshopper | Pupa


Woodworm | Sago worm

Porcupine | Mouse-deer | Rabbit | Frog | Ostrich | Barking Deer | Unknown Meat

I would eat anything as long as it’s a common food there,  it’s not a pet, not endangered or protected…

I would just try even it’s alive.. lol

and here’s the list of activities I will do as a Pro-foodie with the AirAsia Asean Pass:

First stop, Manila for Philippine’s famous duck egg, Balut.

They say one never been to Manila if they never try Balut and Lechon, so I shall put that on my list.

Then to the land of smiles,Thailand to complete my list-of-eaten-insect. I had yet to try all the insects.

While at it, I shall sneaked over to my favorite noodle stall for my beloved boat noodle.

And lastly, to Cambodia for their world known deep fried tarantula. I heard that said it tasted like seafood.

Then, to reward myself for eating all the exotic food with a plate of Cambodia’s pepper crab. It is also for me to compare how close the taste of tarantula and a crab is. Totally not because I love to eat crabs and pepper a lot a lot. XP

So, food please don’t run and let me eat you.


P/S: Actually I thought of making a compilation of noodle dishes in South East Asia to see how good Kolok Mee stands among them but for this contest, I guess exotic food seems to be more interesting lol.

In case you don’t know, Asean Pass let you travel around South East Asia in a month with a flat rate.


The Most Effective Way to Skip A Meal and Diet

First, head down to the kitchen…

then, meet a cockroach on your way.

Only works if you are extremely afraid of cockroach.


In the end, I went to sleep in hunger. T3T


Miao&WafuPafu on WWF Ranger Handouts

I don’t remember whether I have announced this before but Miao&WafuPafu is on WWF Ranger. It’s a handout that is given out to all donors. If you are receiving the Green Heart magazine every 3 months, then you can request them to put this Ranger handout with it. XD

It’s filled with many cutesy drawing and comics explaining you stuff about nature. It’s even better if you have kids as they can learn about nature easily and there are even kids activities section for them to play with.

So be a WWF donor today, if you haven’t 🙂

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