AABC Asean Traveller Contest

I am the best candidate to be AirAsia Asean Traveller’s Pro-foodie because

Crickets | Meal-worm | Grasshopper | Pupa


Woodworm | Sago worm

Porcupine | Mouse-deer | Rabbit | Frog | Ostrich | Barking Deer | Unknown Meat

I would eat anything as long as it’s a common food there,  it’s not a pet, not endangered or protected…

I would just try even it’s alive.. lol

and here’s the list of activities I will do as a Pro-foodie with the AirAsia Asean Pass:

First stop, Manila for Philippine’s famous duck egg, Balut.

They say one never been to Manila if they never try Balut and Lechon, so I shall put that on my list.

Then to the land of smiles,Thailand to complete my list-of-eaten-insect. I had yet to try all the insects.

While at it, I shall sneaked over to my favorite noodle stall for my beloved boat noodle.

And lastly, to Cambodia for their world known deep fried tarantula. I heard that said it tasted like seafood.

Then, to reward myself for eating all the exotic food with a plate of Cambodia’s pepper crab. It is also for me to compare how close the taste of tarantula and a crab is. Totally not because I love to eat crabs and pepper a lot a lot. XP

So, food please don’t run and let me eat you.


P/S: Actually I thought of making a compilation of noodle dishes in South East Asia to see how good Kolok Mee stands among them but for this contest, I guess exotic food seems to be more interesting lol.

In case you don’t know, Asean Pass let you travel around South East Asia in a month with a flat rate.



  • July 9, 2015 - 9:29 pm | Permalink

    hands down. you’d definitely win the foodie position.
    O___O those exotic foods tho. jizzzz

  • July 9, 2015 - 11:34 pm | Permalink

    U win liao! All those icky stuff

  • July 12, 2015 - 2:35 pm | Permalink

    Tapau 1 deep-fried crickets please!! extra chilli!!!

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