I plan to work at night and drank coffee, what happen next makes me regret.

Hahaha sorry for the cheesy title XD LOL  Just for the fun of it.

And Arghhh Starbuck used at the wrong time!!



  • Syafini
    June 3, 2014 - 11:05 am | Permalink

    I am immune to coffee so blackout or not I could easily fall asleep 😛

    • June 6, 2014 - 9:57 am | Permalink

      wahh but how u stay awake when u need to?

      • Syafini
        June 9, 2014 - 11:44 am | Permalink

        Coffee is not the only thing that can keep me awake. I like coffee and I drink it everyday. That is probably why my body is so used to it. I use other alternative like listening to songs.

  • June 3, 2014 - 11:19 am | Permalink

    Lol… add might night oil?? xD cute lah..

  • zephy
    June 3, 2014 - 11:44 am | Permalink

    you are so lucky coffee works on you…can still sleep after a double shot XD

  • June 3, 2014 - 10:29 pm | Permalink

    And after that? Could you fall asleep after drinking the coffee?

  • June 4, 2014 - 7:51 am | Permalink

    hahahaha.. so, when the electricity was back, did you continue to work? >.<

  • Nada
    June 4, 2014 - 9:47 am | Permalink

    And when you already drank coffee…XD

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