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What I found out from MH370

Suddenly, everyone is an expert.

There are some who claimed to be into expertise that is very different from others.  ^ ^””

It might be  a “unique” expertise but I believe some how deep down in the MH370 victims families’ hearts, they are hoping the “unique” ones are legit and can really help them to find their families. 🙁

It’s been a week. Let’s hope for the best. #PrayforMH370



Whenever dogs and cats play on their own it’s so adorable and cute and sometimes can be very entertaining too but when I..

It’s amazing how  pets or even kids can find happiness by playing on their own.

I guessed it’s because their basic needs of food and shelter are fulfilled. There’s nothing else to bother.


Gold Fish Memory

Lately.. I kept getting forgetting things. T 3 T

Age is picking up.

It took me 4 trips to the kitchen to finally remember I need to take a glass of water.

Anyone here ever like go to a very far distance but only to forgot what you wanna do when reach the location?

How far did you went?

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