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Killing Friendship Since Day 1

I have nothing against MLM. I actually have close friends or even siblings who are doing direct sales or multi level marketing (MLM). Most of them are very frank, and tell you what they do from the start but never ever once force/push their stuff to me.

But recently, one just tricked me into his talk. >_< have you guys encounter any unhappy or maybe happy situation?



What a title to start the 2014 first  Monday post. Hahahaha…

and thought he gonna lectured me on being friendly and courteous..




I was so wrong.

It was 2 weeks ago but my chicken friend here can’t stopped complaining that i didn’t talk to her.

…but but I’m just not interested.  T3T


Give me the Ang Pow!!

Yes it’s cute!! So cute that you don’t wanna give them away!!

It’s the Miao&WafuPafu Ang Pows!!!

It’s a collaboration with Kim Bay Restaurant . 4 designs will be released every week 😀

Collect all four now and summon the legendary dragon cat and have your wish comes true!!

Okay, not your wish but the one who received the ang pow with the money in it. Lol



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