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RM50 Is Not Money.

Today, an auntie refused to accept my money by ignoring me totally as if I’m invisible.  =.=

As I was calling her, she just looked at MonkeyHao.


10 Points for My Sister’s Boyfriend

That’s exactly what my little sister’s boyfriend said. XD 10 points to him LOL At first, it started like very romantic and caring but actually it’s not but a process for suicide. LOL.

I noticed every couple seems to has their way of communicating XD and some of them are very interesting.

Do you have an interesting way with your other half?


He Seduced Me. That’s What She Said.

And I had plain noodles for lunch.  Sad.




I’m a noddle person XD I had noodles for both my breakfast and lunch today.

Let’s have a count of hands, who’s here a rice person, who’s here a noodle person? 😀

Team Rice VS Team Noodles!

Oh, here’s a photo to bribe the rice team members to convert. hahaha

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