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Macau Trip

AirAsia Macau Trip: Hotel Tour

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Photos infested post!!!

When we reached the hotel, we were given our room keys. We were given the chance to stay at Sheraton Hotel Macau, the largest Sheraton Hotel in the world.

My card and my name. Yessu, please call me Akira XD

Before entering my room, I did the standard procedure for entering a hotel room.

Anyway, check out my room!!

My room!! Omg big bed!! OAO

Bed testing!!! 😀 Big and Comfy!!

Can even roll around on it without falling~~

Le bathroom is also big. Such a big room for a small cat.

Thank you~~~ And I have a complicated name. XD And it’s not even complete, where’s my “Jian”??

After dropping my luggage, I went down to the lobby to find the others.


It was a bright day, so I found them easily.

Today agenda, Hotel tour! Touring the largest Sheraton Hotel.

Honestly, until now I have not try TWG yet.

They have different themes to go with each part of the hotel. For this section, it’s a oceanic/tropical theme. Hence the fake tropical jungle in the middle of the hall. They even have room perfume/scent to go with each theme. So every corner of the hotel smell differently and accordingly to the themes.

Which happens to be the entrance to the casino. Look at the gambler gods hanging out outside.

The manager brought us to the largest pillar-less hall in Sheraton.

Looks very huge and grand. Having a wedding dinner here would be so awesome but the cheapest table is around RM1500.

Sheraton Suite


RM8000 per night. Comes with two rooms, two bathrooms, one dining room, one living room, one theater room and one kitchen.

Family Suites

Comes with one adult room, one children room, one children size bathroom and one adult bathroom. Now parents can do some adult thing without disturbing the kids and also the other way round. hahaha


Place to chill out.

Place to relax without happy ending. XD

Place to lie down waiting for hot chicks and hulks. XD while looking at the sky..

Xin Asian Hotpot & Seafood

After the first part of the tour, we were arranged to have our lunch at Xin Hotpot @ Shearton Hotel.

That’s Plum Mocktail on the right which is very good and refreshing 😀 The little sourness in it opens up our appetite which wasn’t necessary as we were all very hungry. XD

There are a couple of different soup to choose from, to name a few, plain chicken soup, shinchuan chili soup, satay soup, etc.

Seafood~~~ The cat loves seafood!! Too bad no crabs.

That black ball looking thing is actually squid ink squid meat ball.

:: ANOTHER HOTEL TOUR (Conrad Hotel)::

After the lunch, we gathered up again for another tour.

It was a bright shinning day. *koff koff*

I personally like Conrad Hotel tour because the design of the rooms are soo cozy and homey.

Le door. <3

Le living room.

Le bathroom.

Doesn’t feels like a hotel right??

How I wish.. but if it might be a bad thing too as I might just ended up camping in the room instead of going out. Lol

Conrad’s mascot, le duck.

And that ends our Hotel Tour.

We headed to our next destination which located just opposite the hotel.

The City of Dreams.

Next up, the legendary Dancing Water Show. 

To be continued..

Part:  1 |  2 | 3 | 4 | 5

By the way, do you guys have any procedures to enter a hotel room?

Or just go in and thrash around? hahaha


For those who interested to visit Macau, Air Asia is offering direct flights from following locations.

School holiday is near, let’s go travel!

Macau Trip

AirAsia Macau Trip: Overly Social media Attached Friend

Read: Part 1234

After a 3 and half hour flight, we finally reached Macau!! Woohoo!!

I noticed that there are a lot of private jets in Macau’s airport. Like dozens of them lining up.  It seems like a lot rich people hangout in Macau. 😐

Too bad that I can’t insta (short form for taking a photo and posting on instagram) the private jet for you all to see as my camera was in my bag and my phone died on me upon reaching Macau. 🙁

Chingy, the Overly Social media/Smartphone Attached  Friend. (OSAF) Kids nowadays.. *shake head*

As a Tomcat (no longer kitten, fuyohhh hahah), I decided to nag Chingy…



Lucky for her, she did realized she followed the wrong group when she almost reached the exit door.

I have another Overly Social media/smartphone Attached Friend who must read facebook/twitter while driving. 😐  Not those who check when the car stops but checking them while driving. OAO It’s sooo dangerous!!

Do you have a friend who is overly attached to their social media/phones? T^T Teach me how to advise them.

I can’t throw the phones into the river as I have to collect it when i back to work as a River God. =.=


Breaking the Macau trip into pieces, so I can update more often 😀 Oh, by the way, Air Asia is flying to Macau, do check out flight frequencies below.

Coming up next: WTM !! This is my Room??!!



By the way, I will be drawing at Churpout this Saturday 19th October at Setia City Park (Outside of Setia City Mall) from 11am to 7pm.  (event till 11pm tho)

Do come visit me and say hi 😀 Can even sit down and chit chat. If you want, you can bring stuff for me to draw except your assignments hahahaah

Let’s have a date at Churpout LOL


Miao won the Fight




One of the worst things ever.. having a crying kid on board.

This happened when I was on my way to Macau.

Yes~~~ We’re going to Macau!! (Actually I already came back)

Macau trip post starts now~~


On the side note, Churpout is back!!! And it’s on this coming Saturday 19th October .

I might be there! (It’s not confirmed yet) but still put a mark on your calendar and come meet us!! 😀

Typo error. Opps sorry.

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