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The Things Miao Does..

in the car scared the boy next door. ^^”

I was on my way back from a wedding dinner just now. While waiting for the traffic light to turn green, I moved my body and hands to the ClubHitz on the radio station. Then, I noticed a little boy in the next car saw me. He was dumbfounded and just looking at me. LOL

Luckily, it’s not a pretty girl in that car and I’m not digging my nose else it would be sooo awkward and embarrassing. phew.. XD

Speaking of which, I heard some people tends to do unusual things in the car. For example, some of my friends who don’t sing tends to sing when they’re alone.  Do you guys do that too?


Sorry for the late update. I was in KL over the last three days meeting up some awesome people and had a gathering with other comic bloggers. 🙂

Oh, you can actually follow me on Twitter or Facebook page to check out where I missing to and maybe can meetup for drinks. 🙂



Miao Confessed on Valentine’s Day

Yesterday was Valentine’s day. They said it was a bad day for a confession but I manage to ask her out for a dinner. So I guess the chances was higher..and this how it went…

It’s true, I have her on mind every single time especially during the morning when I’m preparing to go to work.  😛

oh, I love you too, my pillow… and my comforter.


oh gosh….am I a player for loving three instead of just one? O_o

p/s: post idea came from @simonseow’s tweet 😛


The First Encounter

Sorry for the slow update. I did something different this time and it took a longer time to complete. Anyway, hope you guys like it. 🙂

The following comic is read from left to right or as illustrated below:

Enjoy 🙂

And that’s how I met D.D, the Dino-Dragon.  🙂

I haven’t thought a name for it yet. At the moment, I will call it D.D.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Initially, I planned to called it Dafu following the pattern of Wafu, Pafu and Tofu. XD

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