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What had happened to the Cats???

Trained cat

trained cat-1

trained cat-2

I always like cats because they are so cool. They only do things when they wanted to, like playing, eating etc… and never ever to the will of the humans.

Things have changed. The other night, I actually witnessed a cat jumped on to a car and lay down as ordered by its owner. @@

But that’s nothing compare to this…

OMG!!! Now you can bribed cats to do tricks with food. >.<

Gargh!! Food is the root of all Cats evil!!

P/S: On the side note, I think I youtubing too much lately 😛


Too much Computer?


I getting this headache lately which I told my doc about it when I went to get some medication for my sick the other day. According to her, it might be stress from the work…so I was thinking..


Maybe not really. Then she told me, most probably its from all the computer looking.

Just hope she’s right, if this headache continues I think I gonna get a scan just in case. Yes the cat is being kinda paranoid 😛






Miao is so Kampung!

Auto Car Wash

Auto Car Wash-1

LOL! The other day, I drove my car for an automated Car Wash Shop!! Me and my friends was so excited as if we’re riding a roller coaster. We were making sounds and taking pictures while in it XD.

Auto Car Wash-2

I think the people there sure thought we’re crazy or something and we really thought of going for a second round. XD

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