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NewsFlash: BabyBoy?

Today is a big day for my eldest sister and my family as my eldest sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy this afternoon!!! Hooray!!!Yipple!!! *open champagne*

A big gratz to my eldest sister for her first born child and my second sister to become auntie :D.

Our eldest sister is a very very very good sister, so good that she almost like a second mum to us, she took care and brought up the three of us (me and my two other sisters). And now she’s having her first boy, I bet she gonna be a great mum.

Anyway, I just can’t wait to go back Kuching~~~ 😀

Yes, cute kitties eventually turn into  naughty monkeys someday…

(The other two monkeys behind are my second elder sister’s children. Read Here.)


My Angel Colleague

I can be very clumsy sometimes.

This is post is for you, sorry ya my dear colleague.

Festive Season

The Comic Story behind my Chinese New Year Banner

Unfortunately, I could not bring my two hamsters back to Kuching. I think I will just ask my colleague to take care of them while I’m away. I’m going back for 5 days only, so they will be fine…I guess.

Hopefully they two will behave in my colleague’s hand.

Speaking of the 5 days holiday, I just received news on Friday that my company will be having a 1 week off for the festive season. So it doesn’t really matter if I coming back early  or not since I have no work on that week at all.

So I gonna spent my 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th day of Chinese New Year in my Melaka’s room alone. Yeah!!! I’m soooo happy….not.

P/S: I did thought of changing the ticket’s date but its tooo expensive… I couldn’t afford it.

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