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Festive Season

Can’t Wait for Christmas

These few days, miao and the hamsters brothers had been busy decorating the place for Christmas.

As you can see today, the whole place (blog) is 60% well decorated with Christmas decorations. Though, there are more needed to be added into the blog but I guessed the place now is really “Christmas” enough to welcome Santa to our cozy little home.

So miao and hamsters waited…

But he never did showed up!!!!





But fear not!! Our miao came up with a light bulb lighting up idea..



What could it be?

Stay tuned for the next post 🙂



This is the game I have been playing these days 🙂 Patapon!!

Its a music game where you control an army of little black warriors to war. XD The army will march, attack, retreat and even do the rain god dance according to the drum beat you hit. How awesome is that!! XD

You can send your troops to war, hunting for food or killed giant monsters and you can even evolved your little troops or upgrade them with super weapons!!

I love the game’s artwork design as well..its simple yet very cute and beautifully made. It even inspired me to make my own patapon version character. XD

Actually this game was out last year and it was also one of the reason I got myself a psp for hahaha…

Now its even better because Patapon 2 is here 😀 the sequel to the first patapon story…  PATAPON!


Pon Pon…

Suppose today gonna update on a post about my Ipoh Trip but suddenly I have something else to do…that i cant wait to do…

Seems like my hamsters wanna know about my Ipoh Trip….

but too bad.. they have to wait a bit longer..

Anyway, back to my “stuff”…see you guys tomorrow then.. Hehe

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