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The Shiniest Card Ever (Credit Card Design Part 2)

Check out my previous design if you have not yet. 🙂

Okay, I admit. I think the chance of my village cat to chosen is thin. But, still I want a new laptop TAT.

Anyway, I think…

that’s what I think.

To have a card like that, I decided that the card must not be too funky and not giving an “uncle” feeling at the same time while retaining the classy touch of a credit card.

And so, I came up with “Shine”

Great card comes with great responsibility.

If used wrongly…



This is an entry for a design contest organized by Nuffnang.





Eat your medicine!

Yes, my mum still a big baby. She doesn’t like to eat medicine. Sometimes she will lie that she’s getting better and therefore no need to eat anymore. =.= Sometimes she lied while coughing. 😐

I have a weird family.

Alright, better eat my medicine or else… :S

Festive Season

Snake Year wallpaper is here!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!! Let’s Snake (lazy/slack) for the year!!!

Gong Xi Gong Xi!!

1024×768  1280×800  1366×768  1440×900

Galaxy S2  Galaxy S3

Iphone4/4S  Iphone5



I did not manage to make a CNY theme but here’s a Life of Miao(Pi) theme to replace the Christmas one ^^

You can then replace the wallpaper with Chinese New Year one.


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