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Buddha has Anger, so do Miao.

Today, I was so grumpy for unknown reason and this call came in. With all those requests and inquiries but never did give me the chance to answer them. Whenever I was given the time to say anything, I was interrupted and it really pisses me off.RAWR!

In the end,  the cat unleashed his darker side and voice up his meowing, slam the phone and followed by a foul word which eventually draws all the colleagues’ attentions.

Feeling embarrassed for scolding with foul words in front of the office and at the same time guilty for rising up my voice. @@

p/s: Good thing its Friday already 😀


First day at the Gym

Recently, my company is providing free gym for the all employees. Since it had been almost 6 months I didn’t went for a proper exercise,  so I decided to go to the gym for some workout which I needed it a lot (As I’m starting to build tyres around my waist).

For those who knew me very well, going to the gym is like one of the rarest thing for me to do. I think they will still wont believe it even I tell them and post this up. LOL

Despite the facts that the place is smelly, hot, not as fun as sports, a more solo type activity, but yet I will drop by again to build up my body and get rid of my tyres. Hehehe

Hopefully you won’t see Miao look like this..one day

Its not cute!!!!!

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