Its Monday already?!

I spent my weekend revamping my blog. Tho I still can’t get how I wanted it to be but I think it will do for now. Hehehe.. I think that’s all for now. .Will continue the finishing touch tomorrow. Time to rest my eyes @_@

P/S: Anyway, please view in Modzilla Firefox  or any other browser beside IE  as it is giving me a hard time right now and my site looks very fugly on IE version 6 and below. I still get can’t it fix yet.



Miao wanna Save Money!

I really overspent a lot last month. I did not buy anything yet my money just getting lesser and lesser like running water. XD

I found out most of the expenses went to all the outings and meals. I think most of them went to the meals and food as I ate a lot recently trying to build back my lost Kgs. And it eventually making my appetite larger and larger, now I can actually went hungry less than an hour after a dinner.

Sometimes its not the hunger but the urge to have something to chew at.

Anyway, I found an alternative way to save cost yet not hungry…



The Great Escapade

Yeah, MAS airlines just announced their Stimulus Packages which comes with 9 types of packages to suit everyone needs which is so awesome.

After looking through the packages, I came out with this great idea…

If I could travel anywhere, I will just use more than one packages from MAS to travel over a week.

Now I have only one problem, whether my boss will give me a one-week leave or not?




Wait.. I think I don’t have so many leaves left too. @@


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