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OneShot: That Moment..

I was cleaning up the items in my laptop and found some photos in some of my old folders. Looking back at the photos from 2 years ago, I found out I really grew fatter over the years :/ like A LOT.

Sometimes I wonder what happened? Not like I ate a lot……… i think. *koff koff*  *whistle*


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It’s 11.11.11!!

Happy 11.11.11, a day that doesn’t comes by easily.

Which makes it a special day for some, a big day for those who are getting married today, and to some it’s just a date, nothing special. For me, well, it’s freaking FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!  😛

How about you? What are you gonna do today?


Miao iz Happy

Yesterday morning, I received a letter from Nuffnang. I was surprised t0 found out the Nuffies actually sent me a Birthday card T3T *super touched*

It was just a normal birthday with simple wishes and greets from each and every one of the Nuffies but for me it was very meaningful and very heart warming.  It really made my day 🙂

Sometimes happiness can be so simple ^^

Thanks Nuffies~~~

P/S: Oh, if you want the latest wallpapers, they are available at the download page 🙂

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