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Uber Driver

Every single time I ride Uber, it feels like an interview session. If I ride uber 3 times a day, I gonna have 3 sessions a day answering the same question. =.=

#Iwillalwaysaskthemtogetmybookintheend#elseigive1star #muahahahaha

Press this else I give 1 stars too. >:) muahahaha


Captain House: Something is Wrong

My Captain always have this problem of waking up in the morning and will always feel restless and very tired. After the incidents, I asked my Captain to try to sleep in the living room and see whether his sleep will get better or not as I suspect something wrong with his bed.

#burnthebed #somethingwrongwiththebed#couldbethebedistoosoft #couldbe

or maybe he didn’t read my book. It’s a good bedtime story:



Captain House: Again

First time I experienced weird encounters in two consecutive nights. Captain, I think something wrong with your room/bed.

#hauntedroom #iamnotalone #jengjengjeng

Get a book 2 to keep the ghost away. Don’t believe it? Get one and you will find out.


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