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Year of Mek Mek is Coming.

Wheee new wallpaper .. like finally.

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Hope you guys like it. It’s also a sneak peak of some characters in my upcoming book.

And I just found out I didn’t upload my Raya and Deepavali as well as Christmas Wallpaper last year =.= Last year has been a crazy year, busy and a bit lost in space year. Hopefully, this year everything will be corrected and back on track.

The book will be out this year. Wheee…  (if everything goes smoothly). Soonest will be middle of the year, if not, then the latest will be somewhere near Christmas. Kindly do pray for me T3T and the book.



Brain, What are you doing?

Brain, what are you doing? I think my braind just overestimating itself.. =.=


The Best Data Plan Idea

Free really is the Best what. Okay, maybe not that feasible.

Recently, Altel has come up with a contest and collected a bunch of data plan ideas during their roadshows. I believe the ideas there are more feasible than mine.

Do check them out over at this site

If you find any really good ones, do vote for them and give them a thumbs up as the top voted idea will get to win RM5000 cash. Head over to the idea voting page now and who knows the telco might implement the idea in future.

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