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Festive Season

You can’t believe what I bought for my mum for Mother’s Day.

So it was Mother’s Day yesterday.

So to make my mum happy, I bought junkfood/snacks for my mum. XD That’s what my mum love and what makes her happy. My dad doesn’t like it tho, so I kinda smuggled it to my mum. hahahaha

Tho in the end, Papamiao still found out about it.

Run Ma Run!!! Take the snacks with you!!!

I found out as my parents grew older, they really are turning into kid/teenagers bit by bit. XD My dad now are in his teens and kept hanging out with his friends. XD

Happy Mother’s Day to all my readers who are mothers. 🙂


The Amount of Racist Remarks in Malaysia Are Too Damn High.

Lately, the amount of racist remarks are getting more and more… 😐



Thank goodness, it’s still very peaceful at this east part of the country.


Problem of Eating Out

You can’t save a space for yourself and having ghost hamsters are not helping. 0_0

Short updates for today as I’m preparing something else hehehe



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