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Father and Son Bonding Time

And that’s the time when I climb out of my “world domination lab” and sit under the trees and chit chat with my Dad. Usually we don’t really sit down and talk. Even during meal time, we eat separately.

I remember the same thing happened in university time where my housemates and I will only get to sit down, play cards and talk when there’s a blackout or the internet is down. I think blackout might be the remedy for anti social problem. XD




Meet Miao and Chingy at Publika, This Saturday

Good morning, sorry, I need to interrupt our comic with an announcement.

Chingy and me will be at Publika this coming Saturday for the Churpout event, so do come and meet us up!! X) The events will be from 11am to 10pm but I will be there from 11am to 3pm.


I think this might be the first time I showing my face. @@


Me and Chingy was talking about it the other day and thought what if we put on costume to cover our face then we can still meet people while being anonymous. And we figure it would be fun too to suggest each other what costume to wear.


Then I thought, a box would be the most perfect costume ever.


Anyway, do come and meet me up cause it will be more awkward if no one visit and I’m sitting there swinging my house fly bat like a guy who can’t sell his Nasi Lemak. I promise I won’t bite.


Oh, if you want me to draw your anything, just bring your book, planner, anything. I will draw for you. X) Just don’t bring your whole assignment for me to draw. hahaha..


Oh, do check out Chingy’s post as I asked her to dress like a clown. XD

Thanks for reading. There will be a comic update tomorrow, so do come back tomorrow too.  🙂


Miao’s New Look!!

and….. it’s gone… 😐

Growing a good looking mustache is actually a form of art that needs some knowledge and skills. =.=

P/S: I got a new comment thingy called conversation. It’s an app. I personally do not like it yet, but helping out now as a white mouse as it is in beta stage to make it better. Do let me know how you think about it.

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