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Miao Getting a HTC + Iphone + WindowPhone7?

to create my own Smartphone..

Its’s not an Android or an Apple but a combination of 3 Different OS in a single phone! Oh yeah!

Okay I rephrase, 3 different OS (screenshots) in a single phone. XD

Hahaha.. recently everyone around me is getting a smartphone. Unfortunately for me who is working as an office boy, I couldn’t afford to get one, so I came up with this idea of making my own Iphone/Window Phone 7/ HTC look alike phone. 😀 Kakaka..

Now to scam someone with it.. 😛


Dad is back!

Short Note: Check out this small interview of me for Cybermate’s Dungeon.

=.= that is having two other dogs ran faster than you..

Hmm…Do you still remember when we’re small, we used to run to the door when our parents are coming back home, hoping he brings something back for us. Well, I think most of us stopped doing that when we started secondary school and ended busy watching TV or surfing on the internet..

The other day I was at home , I don’t know why but I did the exact same thing I used to do when I was small. The feeling was kinda nostalgic. Hmm…and at some point I think my dad also kinda glad to see me too.

Lol I’m such a good son to go and welcome my dad home. LOL XD

Okay, I’m not the only one… =.=

Anyway, try do this to your parents and see what’s their reaction. I bet some might go “What do you want?” or “Anything” XD hahaha…it would be fun anyway.

Well, to be honest, I was hoping that my dad brought some Kolok Mee for me XD hahahaha


Miao&Pafu helping out at Home

Moral of the day: Remember to check all the ingredients before you cook.

Hahaha… Although my Sweet and Sour Crabs failed miserably but still I did manage to come out with Sweet and Spicy Crabs …somehow. LOL

Anyway, what matters the most is I manage to help my Dad out with the chores. Lalalala~~ *Happy Son*

Oh! For those who are interested to cook, here’s the recipe. And since it’s Valentine’s Day, you can try cook something for your loved ones too 🙂

Oh and try not to forget your me. 😛

Lastly, I wish all couple out there a Happy Valentine’s Day!! 🙂

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