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Miao on his way to Singapore

I went to Singapore two weeks ago..


Usually when I go travel, I will bring my PSP with me to kill off the boring travel time but lately I would bring books with me instead.

Not sure why, I’m starting to love reading nowadays. Last time, lines and lines of words just make me sleepy and I would prefer a comic over this but now I can finish a whole book in few hours without noticing it. (still prefer comic tho)

Then again, it can’t change the fact I will get dizzy reading a book in the car. @@ erghhbluek..  I will get dizzy too when I surf or type on my phone. @@

Anyone here doesn’t go dizzy when reading in the car, please teach me how T3T





What did Miao saw?? Jeng Jeng Jeng!

Continues here..


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Miao Sees This Before

I always have this feeling where things around me suddenly feels so familiar as if I see them or been at that situation before. And sometimes I have it way too often.

Some say its a precognition thing. Some say that one eye sends the image second slower than the other eye making the brain receives the image twice creating this dejavu feeling.

The last time I experienced this was last week in Singapore @@.

I was leaving the field after a concert and suddenly everything looked familiar to me. The guy beside me dropped his bottle startled the girl beside him, then the security guy shouting at the front instructing the crowd to move to the other exit and followed with a surge of strong winds came shaking the big trees. 

It feels so much like the scene in the Final Destination movies. @@ And every times something like this happens, I will just pause and look around, trying to recall what will happen next. Usually i can’t recall anything that happens next.

Well, just hope..


Do you guys ever have this Dejavu feeling before?


Nice catch?




I catch a COLD and she follows me back home. T3T

I have been sick way before I went to Singapore, it got better a bit when I returned but worsen the next morning =.= and now I have a sexy voice….with a running nose LOL

Probably gonna visit the doc tomorrow morning.

On the side note, I went for a body checkup the other day and found out I have low white blood cell count. Maybe this explains why I get sick so easily. Anyone have idea what should I eat to increase it?

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