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The Day Miao Forgot to Bring his Mp3 player

is the day….

Don’t know bout you guys but I can’t really concentrate when there are too many noises around and lately my office is getting noisier than before. @@ Sometimes, it really feels like I’m at the market instead of an office.

There are so many noises, noise from the unanswered phones, tape/dot printer machine, fax, people chating, people shouting and also people talking So Loud to another person over the phone in the same office that you can actually hear both of them (if you get what i mean). XD

So most of the time I will bring my MP3 and listen to it while doing my work. Well, I’m not the only one, my senior and some other bosses also can’t stand the noise and listen to MP3s too. 😛

And yesterday, I happened to forgot my MP3, it was one of the worst Monday ever… T3T


R.I.P Little Blue Chair




Don’t look at me.. I’m not getting fatter… :/

The chair just broke on it’s own.

Yeah, on it’s own…


I Thought You Love Me

This happens everywhere, irresponsible owner throwing away their pets on the street as if they are just toys. 🙁

Many lost dogs and cats wandering on the street finding a place call home.

Recently, I got know of this non-profit organization, Furry Friends Farm (FB) is giving these lost souls a temporary home sort of  like SPCA.

And currently, Age Dór Sdn Bhd is holding a charity sale for FFF & the animals, and if you’re an animal or dog/cat lover, you can have a look at the poster below if you wish help out and make a donation for our little furry friends. 🙂

Do check out the booth (Booth No.3) at Cutie Pet Fair this coming weekend at Central Park 1 Utama.

Venue: Central Park 1 Utama

Date: 9th & 10th Oct
Time: 10am – 1pm
Booth Name: Petcurean Malaysia

Hope you can help them out too 🙂 Arimiaoto~ 🙂


Don’t mistaken this is not an advertorial. Just that Monkey Hao happened to tell me about this charity campaign the other night and beside of making a donation too, I thought maybe I can do more to help by doing a post here for everyone to know about. 🙂

Well, doing charity for animals is also part of my Conquer the World Plan 😀 hahahaha…

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