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Wafu’s New HairStyle

Short note: I added a photo of my new haircut in the previous post as per requests


Today, I came back from work and planned to change the bedding for Wafu and Pafu. Then suddenly I noticed something strange about Wafu, he appears to be thinner than before. To my notice, he was half naked and exposing the bottom part of his body. Gosh!! Wafu is losing his fur from the backside to his tail. He looked so pity losing his fur.

I have been pretty busy lately , so I didn’t pay attention much and didn’t notice about it. But around 2 days ago, he seems to be okay.

Now just hope that the fur wont continue to drop. I don’t want Wafu to be bald and naked >.< .. Hope the little devil recover as soon as possible.

Love you Wafu~ 😛

P/S: I brought him to the Vet d. He was okay but the doc wasn’t hahaha

Let you guys know on my next post hehe


A Surprise Haircut

From what I see, haircut artist bears a big responsibility. As one could either boosts up the confidence in one person with a great haircut or make the person lost all the confidence with a single haircut that the person doesn’t like.

As in the case, I doesn’t really like it at all. Having short haircut is also one of the rarest thing for me to do. Although I had short haircuts before but those are once in a blue moon thingies and usually I went prepared with a big courage, mental preparation and also beer. LOL (joking on the beer part)

This time I really wasn’t prepared at all, 0 preparation. And seriously, I never thought that the stylist will actually cut my hair until so short. He removed the hairs from all 4 sides, it seems like the level of shortness between us are different.

After the haircut, the first thing came to my mind is to get a hat but I couldn’t find the hat i want after going through a few shopping mall leaving me no choice to stick to the haircut.

It had been ages since I have sunlight striking on my face and eyes. It feels kinda good in some way. But then I still need to get used to the feeling of exposing more of my face as I feel so naked. Hahahaha

Updated with a photo of myself :

The other side of my head looks the same with this side.


Changing my Hairstyle.

The other day, I had this feeling of changing how my hairstyle without going for a haircut. So I decided to change the way I set it. Instead of setting my hair from the left to the right, I change the way around by setting it from the right to the left. 😀

And when I reached my office, no one actually noticed it. All of them know there’s something different but they have no idea what’s the changes are. Hehehe…

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