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Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Happy Birthday Miao

Happy Birthday Miao-1

Happy Birthday Miao-2







Happy Birthday Miao-3

And there’s how Miao came to this world 24 years ago!! ^^ Yeah!! Its my birthday~~~ Woohooo! And exactly around this time… Wahahaha…

Happy Birthday Miao-5

Compare to last year, this year it was totally different!! As I have you all!! I received soooo much Birthday wishes over the Twitter, Facebook, SMSes and Calls. ^^ So happy can die!!!!

And I even purposely go and call some of my close friends and make they wish me Happy Birthday! Wahahahaha..

So what did I get this year?

– a free meal from my colleagues at a Korean Restaurant

– a Birthday Ang Pow from my eldest Sister!!

– a nice awesome gift from Johnny Walker!! Will let you guys about it soon ^^

– a dedicated Birthday post for me by Stephanie ^^

and not forgetting these two awesome gift from my two readers.



Gosh~ *tears* they went through all those hard work just for my pressie. *touched*

Muax!! Love you guys so much!!!




Any words from the birthday cat? Hmmm….

Like how they all say I’m all Grown up d and now a Big Boy d. LOL

Happy Birthday Miao-4

but I can’t see any difference LOL!!!!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me!! 😀


Final Destination 4: Miao lovess Bloods..

Final destination-0


The 4th installment of Final Destination. Apparently, some of my friends find it disturbing and refuse to watch it. So I have no choice to watch it on my own.




Final destination

Yeah… that’s how it was.

There are burning, stabbing, cutting, chopping, human flesh, human internal organs and of course blood.. Woohooo. Sounds nice right?

Hahaha and during the movie, I can even noticed people around me went Ewww and Ergh over the disturbing scenes. Some even went and covered their mouth, can anyone tell me why.




As for me..

Final destination-1

I personally find this 4th Final Destination is not as good as previous first and second movie.

Neitherless, I still like this kind of movies and I have no idea why and I love Happy Tree Friends the most!!


Play ” Happy Tree Friends’ song” Dalalalala lalala lalala~~~




Okay I feel like a physco.


A Peaceful night…



LOL!! It was soo funny. I actually startled Wafu from his sleep.

He actually shocked and woke up and started to look around.


Hmm not sure its my poot too loud or Wafu is just too sensitive to sounds. XD

But it is the first time I see someone actually woke up from sleep due to a fart.

LOL.. why am I sounds like I’m proud of it. XD LOL silly me.


Anyway, it was not a peaceful night after all. XD

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