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A day with Pafu.

Hehehe… The place looks kinda small and crowded setting for my hamsters with all those stuffs in it. 😛

Hahaha This is Pafu who is actually 1.5 times the size of Wafu (one of the ways i differentiate them). Pafu likes food very much. And usually nothing can stop him from eating his seeds even if I go and poke caress him while he’s eating. I love to do that too hahahaha as he always doesn’t really care about it. Hahaha

He really does loves his seeds very much. =.=

It happened so fast right after I cleaned the tank and put Wafu and Pafu back in it. While Wafu went and checked the place out, Pafu rushed to the food bowl (as usual) and sniffed up all the seeds there. And suddenlt, he just lied flat in the bowl and doesnt move anymore…

No matter how I called and poked him..he showed no responses..not a single move.

What a pig.


Holiday Theme

Finally solved the problem. If you still can’t see a white content background and a banner.

Please do let me know.

By the way, I added the wallpaper and emoticon at the download page 🙂

Feel free to check it out.

By the way, I change my about page as well. Check that out too ^^


Its Monday already?!

I spent my weekend revamping my blog. Tho I still can’t get how I wanted it to be but I think it will do for now. Hehehe.. I think that’s all for now. .Will continue the finishing touch tomorrow. Time to rest my eyes @_@

P/S: Anyway, please view in Modzilla Firefox  or any other browser beside IE  as it is giving me a hard time right now and my site looks very fugly on IE version 6 and below. I still get can’t it fix yet.

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