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Festive Season

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming ^^ Let’s spice up the Christmas’ly with some wallpapers and android Go Launcher Theme XD

Cat wants the world (World Domination)

1024×768 1280×800 1366×768 1440×900


Go Theme Launcher:



Reindeers are too Mainstream. 

1024×768 1280×800 1366×768 1440×900

 Go Theme Launcher:



 Paper Box WafuPafu

Download, Print and Make your own WafuPafu

 Jingle Bell Jingle Miao~~


OAO !!


typo error: “we’re gonna die”


OAO !!  Instead of panicking, the first thing that came up on my mind was that I must blog bout this. hahaha..

It was really difficult to drive in the rain without the wiper. At a moment, I wanted to do this..

Thank God, I survived and didn’t crashed into anything.


The Heaviest Thing in the World.

Lately, the weather is sooooooo godly good to sleep in.

I’m having some hard time getting out of bed these few days.

 The comforter somehow feels heavier than before.

It takes 100x much effort, strength and will power than before to move it off my body.

There were times when I managed to got out from bed, it dragged me back in again. T3T

Damn you weather! You’re standing in my way of world domination!

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