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Comic Blogger Gathering: The Accident & the Flashback

Although a little of us dies that day…. hahaha just kidding. Then again, her life really flashes through our mind. We were so worried and started imagine scary things in that moment. Thank God she’s okay. If you guys are going for cycling, do remember to check the brakes.

Shall post the photos tonight or tomorrow morning. Do come back and check them out 🙂


The Cat who Saved Earth on 21.12.12

This post suppose to post after 21.12.12 and somewhere near Christmas…

So here’s  a belated Xmas post..

Previously, i said i made ridiculous reason to eat more..

well i made up ridiculous stories for a blog post too… hahah

oh and you’re welcome XD

If you see a rainbow next time, it means we just save the world again. hahahaha


Out for Breakfast

*Sweat* Just turned out of my house and I’m in a jam.

=.= Happens when you stay at one of the most happening area in town.




In the end, I just realized the shop I wanted to go closed on Tuesday. =.=

What a morning.




Sorry for my slow update lately. I have been busy with supplier and sampling lately.

Last samples (I hope it’s the last) will arrive next week. If it’s okay, then it’s good to go. 🙂

Can’t wait to release them. Everyone fluffy finger cross. 🙂

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